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Warriors Focused On "7 Or 8" Players To Pick From For 2020 Draft

(via The Mercury News)

(via The Mercury News)

The 2019-20 season is pretty much over -- but for the Golden State Warriors, it ended a long time ago.

Amid injuries to several of their key players, the defending Western Conference Champions have been abysmal during this campaign with a 15-50 record (the worst in the NBA).

As a result of their struggles, there's a good chance they'll get a high lottery pick in the upcoming Draft to either trade or pair next to their returning stars. According to coach Steve Kerr, they've got their eyes on a number of prospects.

It's not yet known who those seven or eight players are, but one has to think they'll look at players two fit their current roster. A big man or wing player would make the most sense because it's the teams' biggest need.

On the flip side, the Warriors could simply look to acquire the best prospect available with the intent of trading him for another star.

Either way, it's clear that the Warriors are doing their research, and it's easy to understand why. Nobody is expecting them to be bad next season, but the arrival of the right prospect could help give them a significant edge in getting back to their Championship ways.