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Warriors GM Bob Meyers Admits Part Of Him Wanted To Let Kevin Durant Go

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

After three successful years with the Warriors, Kevin Durant left the team for better pastures in Brooklyn, where he and Kyrie Irving will attempt to remake their damaged brands together.

As for the Warriors, the loss of KD means the end of an era of unquestioned dominance for the franchise. But in some recent comments made by Warriors GM Bob Meyers, part of him wanted to let the 2x Finals MVP go in free agency.

“I had a sense that it might go the other way. But part of me wanted to allow him … this was a time, as it is with all the players, they don’t owe us anything,” Myers said of Durant keeping he and the Warriors in the dark before he agreed to join the Nets, per Pro Basketball Talk. “This is their moment to be a free agent. He doesn’t have to tell me. He didn’t even have to say anything then. He could have said ‘Tune in, I’ll let you know’ or he could have done whatever he wanted to do. He’s earned that.”

Durant essentially departed from Golden State without so much as a warning to the Dubs. Clearly, Meyers has no objections to that.

It was KD's chance to control his destiny, and even after everything, he owed nothing to the Warriors. And now, he is free to begin the next chapter of his NBA career.