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Warriors GM Bob Meyers Says He 'Feels Bad' For Trading D'Angelo Russell

(via Golden State Of Mind)

(via Golden State Of Mind)

D'Angelo Russell became a Warrior at, arguably, the worst time. Following the loss of Kevin Durant and injuries to Klay and Steph, D'Lo joined a broken team that had become a shell of their former selves.

He, himself, had been rejected by the Lakers and Nets before his arrival in the Bay. And before he got to witness the Warriors in their full glory, he was once again rejected by his team -- not even a full season later.

Golden State Warriors’ general manager Bob Myers finally spoke regarding the recent blockbuster trade. In the audio clip, Myers admitted that he felt bad about the trade but hopes the All-star point guard is “in a place where he’s just there.”

In Minnesota, much has been made about his partnership with Karl-Anthony Towns. As long-time friends off the court and a seemingly perfect match in-game and skillset, the duo is like a match made in heaven.

It will be there that the star guard, hopefully, finds a long-term home.

As for the Warriors, they move on with the knowledge of what is to come. With superstar reinforcements on the way, they'll be back and better than ever by October.