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Warriors GM Bob Meyers Says NBA Bubble Games Will Be "Hard To Watch"

(via The Mercury News)

(via The Mercury News)

Just one season after a run that brought in five Finals appearances and three NBA titles, the Golden State Warriors are going to have to sit back and watch the 2020 postseason play on without them.

Between the departure of Kevin Durant and injuries to key players, the group was unable to win games consistently and their record suffered for it.

As they rest and watch their competitors chase the title, GM Bob Meyers admitted that it is going to be a tough and rude awakening for his team.

“I think it’ll be hard for our guys to watch this thing go,” Myers said Friday morning on 95.7 The Game’s “Joe, Lo & Dibs” show, via NBC Sports’ Drew Shiller. “I think it’s easier now because the playoffs haven’t started, and the Orlando thing is just still getting off the ground.

“But as competitors — when you’re used to being in the playoffs and you’re not part of that party — you feel that. Our guys will feel that. I think they’ll watch some of the playoffs and it will motivate them.”

After achieving so much success these past few years, the Dubs are in uncharted territory at the bottom of the West standings. And it pains them to be so far from where they've been.

The good news is, they shouldn't be there for long. With Curry, Klay, and Draymond returning at full strength, they should be ready to pick up where they left off a year ago.

Who knows, maybe this early-ending season will help prepare them even more for the battles to come.