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Warriors GM Bob Meyers Told Draymond Green To Get In Shape Before 2019 Playoffs

(via Golden State of Mind)

(via Golden State of Mind)

There is a good chance that this postseason could be the last run for this current Warriors' roster. To gear up for what will likely be their last hurrah, Warriors GM Bob Meyers had one plea for team defensive star Draymond Green: get in shape.

(in an excerpt from The Athletic)

“Draymond,” Myers said then. “I’mma tell you something you may not want to hear.”

Green is re-telling this exchange in the locker room after the Warriors’ Game 3 win over the LA Clippers on Thursday. He pauses a few beats, adding to the drama of the storytelling, while he rubbed his bare chest.

“All right. I’m listening,” he told Myers. “If we’re going to win a championship,” Myers said, “you’ve got to get in shape.”

There, he had done it. It was probably easier than telling Green he was suspended back in November. But with all the Warriors have going on, the last thing Myers needed was to start a beef with his mercurial forward. Nonetheless, Myers believed Green needed to hear it, in time to do something about it.

Green’s response was immediate. “Yeah, I start this strenuous regimen on March 6,” he told Myers. “It’ll take me like two weeks, maybe like 10 days, to really get to where I need to be.”

Myers replied with a puzzled glance: “Wait, you already knew this?” Green explained his whole plan. He has a nutritionist guiding his diet, his chef making his meals. The strength and conditioning team had the strategy for him dropping weight while maintaining strength. It turns out, Green knew it was time, too.

Draymond is an essential part of the Warriors' success. His defensive intensity sets the tone for them on that end of the floor, and they need him at his best if they are to get through what looks to be a very tough Western Conference playoff bracket.

In fact, it was his suspension in Game 6 that may have been part of the reason they lost their Finals series against the Cavs in 2016.

Going forward, it is clear they will Draymond at his bets if they are to become 3-time Champions this June. Only time will tell if Green can step up to the plate.