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Warriors GM Bob Myers Says Trade Talks Are "Dormant"

Bob Myers

Over the pasts two years, the Golden State Warriors have remained patient.

As their core group of guys (Steph, Klay, and Draymond) took some time to get right and get healthy, they accumulated a number of valuable young players along the way, leading many to believe they were going to make another big-time move before the start of next season.

Whether it's Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal, or others, the Warriors have been connected to a few high-profile names already.

Unfortunately, according to the words of team GM Bob Myers himself, Golden State might not have any more tricks up their sleeve -- at least, for now.

Bob Myers on any trade talks involving the Warriors: "It's dormant at this moment in time." Said it can pick up at any moment, but he feels like the league is "on pause" on the trade front.

Just earlier this summer, team owner Joe Lacob insisted that his team is always looking for ways to improve, and it's hard to believe the team hasn't done their part to gauge their options around the association.

“Absolutely. No question. Why wouldn’t we? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing our job," Lacob told NBC Sports last month. “We call about things the general public does not know about, like rumors we are hearing, sometimes it is true and sometimes it is not.” 

It's hard to tell which rumors have some truth to them and which are more of a fantasy, but it seems the Warriors' hands are tied for now.

While young guys like Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman will continue to surface in the rumor mill, the Warriors seem equally content to just keep them around long-term, a rather unexpected strategy for a franchise whose biggest star is already over the age of 30.

Still, the young guys are good enough to put up big numbers now and help position the Warriors for success down the line, when their current core of stars outgrows their prime.

Either way, Myers and Lacob will continue to work together to return the Warriors back to title contention, and that does not include settling for a trade they deem to be less than ideal.