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Warriors Have A Tax Bill Of Over $293 Million This Season

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

The Golden State Warriors have never been shy about breaking the bank to build the best roster possible. This year, however, they are pushing their financial burden to new extremes.

With James Wiseman and Kelly Oubre Jr., the Dubs will have $169.8 million of salaries on the book next season, which will add a $123.6 million tax bill -- totaling a payout of over $293 million.

If there's one thing this historically expensive roster says about the Warriors, it's their willingness to spend for the sake of competing for titles.

Oubre and Wiseman are both pieces that will help the Dubs accomplish their goals. As young, up-and-coming two way players, they will have an immediate impact on the team, and are likely to remain as part of their core for the future.

Unfortunately, the injury to Klay Thompson has put their title odds in jeopardy, and they find themselves down a major piece in a challenging Western Conference. But, thanks to Joe Lacob's willingness to spend, he has kept his Warriors afloat, and the combination of Steph, Draymond, Wiggins, Wiseman, and Oubre should be enough to instill some fear in their opponents...