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Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Reveals Which Lakers Legend Motivates Him To Win More Titles

Joe Lacob

After capturing their 4th NBA championship in 8 years, the Golden State Warriors have reached a level of prosperity that is rarely seen in professional sports. Over the past decade, the Warriors have experienced it all -- from crazy comeback wins to crushing victories that flexed the team's capabilities.

Yet, even through it all, team owner Joe Lacob isn't satisfied, and he has Jerry Buss to thank for that. On the Point Forward podcast with Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, Lacob explained how the Los Angeles icon had set the highest bar in terms of achieving excellence as an owner.

“There was somebody else who did this as an owner, Jerry Buss. I look up to him. 33 years of ownership, 16 Finals. That 50 percent rate is pretty incredible. I don’t know that we can continue that, but I’m sure as hell gonna try. That’s my goal.”

With Steph, Klay, and Draymond still playing at an elite level, the Warriors are going to be competitive for at least a few more years. They may win one or two more titles with their current core.

But Lacob has a plan to continue being good well after Curry's best days are behind him. It involves being patient, avoiding impulsive moves, and allowing the young guys to develop and grow over time.

"Everyone wanted us at the beginning of the year, I know, to trade all those young players and these draft choices and to go get one more guy, one more established, over 30-kind of star," Lacob said. "So at the end of the day, what we don’t want to do... the one thing I cannot and will not stand for is not to be competing for championships. I don’t wanna go off a cliff like other teams do when they all in like really all in, they got no young players, no draft choices, I just don’t think that’s a good strategy."

The Warriors will have to make some tough decisions going forward as they continue to juggle their veteran players with the young guys.

Finding the right balance will be key, but Lacob should have Buss-level success if he plays his cards the right way. We will see soon enough what he's able to do.