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Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Says His Team Is More Valuable Than Lakers And Knicks

(via India)

(via India)

According to Forbes, the Knicks and Lakers are among the NBA's most valuable teams.

And while that ranking has been normal for over a decade, Warriors owner Joe Lacob says his team should be the one at the very top.

(via Bill Shea of The Athletic)

“Forbes is more of a general indicator. Its revenue estimates are understated for Golden State. We have much more revenue than the Knicks and Lakers.

“These are all estimates. I have no idea how they come up with these numbers. I’ve heard they talk to people at the NBA and maybe certain teams. Maybe (they’re accurate) on a relative basis in terms of the values. On an absolute basis, that’s up for debate.”

In the most recent list, the Warriors came behind the Lakers ($434 million) and the Knicks (472 million) with an estimated revenue of $440 million. Situated in two of the biggest markets in the country, it's unlikely that Lacob's team will ever get the edge over the two iconic franchises.

But the amount of success has had with the team is overwhelming. He originally bought the team for $188 million and it's value quickly skyrocketed after the emergence of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. The fact that they're as high as they are now in terms of value and earnings really shows how things have flipped for them.

And, despite missing out on the playoffs this season, they should be right back to their Championship roots when their squad returns in October.