Warriors Plan To Pay Over $375 Million To Keep Core Together Next Year

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Warriors Plan To Pay Over $375 Million To Keep Core Together Next Year

As some of their players said just immediately after they lost the last NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors are planning to bounce back next season and recover the throne where the Toronto Raptors are sitting now. The Dubs will enter the free agency with the risk of seeing three of their most important pieces leaving the franchise.

In order to avoid that, the Warriors have started to work on a plan that can keep Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney within the ranks, and albeit the price looks high in the eyes of many, it looks like Golden State have figured things out and are set to offer appealing deals for all these players.

No matter what happens with Kevin Durant, the Warriors will be in the luxury tax once again this season. That, though, will depend on whether Klay Thomson re-signs, which seems to be a done deal by now. Besides, Looney will surely want to get a bigger paycheck after a pretty good season in the Bay.

That being said, if Golden State wants to re-sign all three, it would be looking at a record $375 million payroll next season. That will include a luxury tax of $200 million, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Brian Windhorst.

Thompson’s max deal would come in at $190 million over five seasons. Meanwhile, the Warriors’ offer to Durant will be for $220 million over five years, which it’s $57 million more than any other team can offer KD, including the $50 million for a fifth season that no one else can offer.

As for Looney, he’s looking at $12-plus million on a yearly basis. Golden State has been dealing with the luxury tax for several years now, but these numbers are something different for them. For instance, an arising Draymond Green extension coupled with these three moves would place Golden State’s total payroll, including the luxury tax, at $1.6 billion over the next four seasons.

This all comes while the Warriors general manager Bob Myers states that the team is operating without a budget. Pretty impressive.

Good thing for the Warriors is that San Francisco’s new Chase Center is expected to bring in up to $200 million in revenue every year. Meanwhile, Golden State is now the NBA’s highest-revenue team at over $400 million. Still, facing Durant’s absence for the entire 2019/20 season and Thompson likely sitting out for a majority of it would make all this spending look a little too much for the fans.