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Warriors Players Troll The Celtics Fans While Chanting: "F**k Draymond"

Warriors Players Troll The Celtics Fans While Chanting: "F**k Draymond"

The Golden State Warriors have a lot of confrontations that they won out by virtue of becoming NBA champions. One of those confrontations has to be the city of Boston against Draymond Green.

Green was subjected to a lot of nasty chants every time he played in Boston during this series, with Game 3 being a particularly tough game. The Warriors fell down to a 2-1 series deficit that game and sections of the Boston crowd continued to yell 'F**k Draymond'. It elicited strong responses from Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr, and even Draymond's wife

He who laughs last laughs best, and the Warriors are definitely getting their chance to laugh at the expense of the Boston fans. They won this title in front of those same fans tonight in Game 6, as the fans watched the Warriors not only beat their team but also receive their trophy. In the Golden State locker room, the chants resurfaced, but this time it was the team targeting them at Draymond.

Draymond is one of the vocal leaders on the team. Even if his play can fall below standard, the young players on the team respect him and listen to what he has to say. Naturally, he is very close to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and is an extension of Steve Kerr on the court, orchestrating how the team moves.

Green had a great Game 6 with a near triple-double and strong contributions on the defensive end. While he wasn't the same Draymond of old throughout this series, he did just enough to help the Warriors see this championship run through.

These chants will be used by other teams throughout the next season, but the redemption Green and the Warriors needed in front of the Celtics fans has already been achieved and will be a great final memory for everyone on this roster.