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Warriors Take A Shot At Kevin Durant, Didn't Include Him In 'Best Franchise Of The Decade' Photos

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Even though he won two championships with them, Kevin Durant’s tenure with the Golden State Warriors was always surrounded by controversy. Starting from the way he joined them, his back and forth with Draymond Green and finishing with the way he left the Bay, it’s fair to say he didn’t have the best time there.

Well, it looks like the Warriors didn’t have it either, as it was displayed in their pictures celebrating being named "Franchise of the Decade”. The Dubs recently earned the distinction and took to Twitter to celebrate with a slideshow.

Surprisingly, or not, depending on who’s watching, Durant was not included. Eventually, they added a tweet that had a photo of KD but by then, the damage was already done.

Fans quickly reacted to this, calling out the team for the disrespect. Regardless of how Durant left and the things he’s said after his departure, you can’t deny that he was great for the Warriors, winning two straight Finals MVP. While he’s not part of the team anymore, KD is a big part of the Warriors’ history, even if they don’t like to admit it.