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NBA Rumors: Warriors Want To Sign An "Impactful Ring Chaser"

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The Golden State Warriors haven't exactly been their normal selves this season. With injuries to key players, they were missing much of the people who have made them so dominant the past couple years.

But upon their return next season, you can bet they'll be right back in the Championship race.

In fact, the Warriors are already looking at their options to improve their team this upcoming summer and reports indicate they may be seeking an "impactful ring chaser."

(via Dan Favale of Bleacher Report)

Not long ago, bagging impactful ring-chasers was an annual rite for the Golden State Warriors. No thought-to-be below-market signing stood out more than DeMarcus Cousins in 2018. He was recovering from an Achilles injury, but that made his arrival in the Bay Area no less polarizing.

Certain players who cannot nab much more on the open market should be inclined to give the Warriors a shot. Marvin Williams should cost less than the mini-MLE. Aron Baynes could end up inside that territory. Trevor Ariza has always prioritized the bag—and good for him—but he might not have a richer market if the Portland Trail Blazers waive his partially guaranteed contract.

David West and DeMarcus Cousins hopped on the Golden State bandwagon for cheap because they wanted to win. Guys like Paul Milsap, Marvin Williams, and Aron Baynes could do the same -- and all would have a positive impact on the Warriors. All three of those names could be real targets for the Warriors in 2020 free-agency.

And while the Dubs' best days are behind them, they are more than capable of staying in the title race with Steph, Klay, and Draymond in the fold. One has to think this team will be attractive to guys who want a taste of victory.