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Washington Football Destroys LeBron James: 'Your Son's Name Is Literally LeBron James Jr.'

Washington Football Destroys LeBron James: 'Your Son's Name Is Literally LeBron James Jr.'

Last week LeBron James had a big laugh when he found out the Washington Redskins had changed their franchise name. After several years of pressure, the NFL team finally decided to change their name this year but the name they pick for this season didn't please anybody, not even their fans.

Still, they won't let any outsider make fun of them, especially LeBron James, a die-hard Cowboys fan. Bron reacted to the new name of the team last week, trolling the people who came up with such a generic name.

"Just waking back up from my pregame nap to see about The Washington Football team??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Is that real?? No way! Oh man they had a thorough intense long board meeting about that one huh."

Even Kevin Durant reacted to Bron's words, making it clear that he wasn't having anything of that. Not the change of name and James' comments.

Well, other fans sent a bigger response to Bron in a tweet that broke the internet, pointing out the fact that LeBron called his first son just like him.

"Your son's name is literally LeBron James Jr.," Hogs Haven, an ex-Redskins SB Nation account, replied to the King.

If you think about that, the name doesn't sound very creative. LeBron has stated before he doesn't feel so good with Bronny's name but he doesn't want or plan to change things.

Hogs Haven reminded him of that and people went crazy when they saw that comeback from the Twitter account.

Now James is getting ready to resume play in the Orlando bubble since the Lakers re-open the season against the Clippers tonight.

Meanwhile, the Washington Football Team are preparing everything for the next NFL campaign.