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NBA Exec Reveals What Washington Wizards' Want For Bradley Beal: "3 Unprotected 1st-Rounders, 2 Pick Swaps, Young Player And Expiring Contract"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Bradley Beal is one of the hottest names in the NBA right now after all the good things he's doing with the Washington Wizards and the bad results his team gets regardless of how hard the shooting guard tries. In recent weeks, it's been reported that Beal wants out of the Wizards, and even though he hasn't publicly stated that, everybody around the league is waiting to see how long it will take for him to request a trade.

Moreover, people have gotten to work to find out what would take to get Beal out of D.C. and some executives have given their opinions about what could take for any team to unlock negotiations with the Capital team. According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the price to pay for Beal would be huge, somehow similar to what the Nets had to do to land James Harden in a 4-team blockbuster deal last month.

Beal is the current scoring leader of the league and he's shown he can be a great addition to any other squad in the league but nobody knows where he'll go play next.

“Three different executives, who spoke to the News, defined the price as steep,” Bondy wrote. “One longtime GM laid it out specifically: three unprotected first-rounders, two pick swaps, a young player, and an expiring contract. That’s approaching Harden territory. The Nets, as the News reported, had internally discussed acquiring Beal long before exhausting their assets for Harden.”

He was linked with teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, New York Knicks and surprisingly, the Houston Rockets, where he could reunite with John Wall. The trade deadline is getting closer and a lot of teams will have decisions to make, including the Wizards. Beal can be great for a contender but it remains to be seen if any of these teams find the way to acquire his services.