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Watch: Boban Marjanovic Shows No Mercy To Children At A Basketball Camp With Vicious Blocks

Watch: Boban Marjanovic Shows No Mercy To Children At A Basketball Camp With Vicious Blocks

Boban Marjanovic is probably one of the most beloved players in the league. While his playing time has almost disappeared in Jason Kidd's new system with the Dallas Mavericks, Boban is still a crucial bench piece for the team for chemistry reasons. Also doesn't hurt to have a 7'4" center be at your disposal when required.

Boban's future in the league is a little cloudy right now after falling completely out of the Mavericks rotation. It looks like he will be staying with the Mavs and continue being a presence in the Dallas community and on the bench for the team.

The  Mavericks were hosting a basketball camp with Boban as one of the players attending it. Seeing the opportunity, Marjanovic decided to have some fun by challenging children to score on him before ruthlessly swatting away every single shot they decided to throw his way.

We have seen NBA players do this before. It seems blocking children's shots is the one acceptable thing players can do while interacting with kids at these camps. Highlights of an NBA guard crossing up a 10-year-old never go viral because of how disrespectful it is, but everyone finds the humor in a 7'4" player blocking the shots of kids who are half his size. 

Boban's future in the league is very interesting to dissect. Is there an actual market around trying to keep the giant in rotations across the league? His stamina and foot speed make him a very risky bet, but he has proven his ability to contribute on both ends even if he is playing for just 10 minutes.

J-Kidd saw his Mavericks go small and be unable to defend the paint. While Boban wouldn't have been consistently able to hold players off at the rim, he would have provided better protection than someone like Powell. If the Mavs strike out on big-men again this season, Boban may get occasional looks into the lineup.