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Watch: Ernie Johnson's Amazing Rap About The NBA's Top 75 Players

Watch: Ernie Johnson's Amazing Rap About The NBA's Top 75 Players

This year's NBA All-Star weekend was full of amazing moments. From the Ultimate Fantasy Draft to Sunday's exciting exhibition game, the league went to extraordinary lengths to ensure a special event.

But the best part of all may have been Ernie Johnson's epic rap on TNT.

In a nearly 2-minute clip that has gone viral online, the legendary broadcaster is captured dropping some bars about the NBA's Top 75 players.

Have a listen:

It was a brilliant bit all around and fans were absolutely loving it.

It's probably one of Ernie's finest moments on the show, but it's not the only evidence out there that he knows a thing or two about the hip-hop world. 

He had this signature moment back in 2020, where he surprised everyone by flexing his knowledge of rap artists.

Johnson started his current role on the TNT panel in 1990 after years of being a sideline reporter. 30+ years later, Ernie has become a well-appreciated and highly beloved voice in the NBA broadcasting world.

With his help, the TNT crew has become the premier NBA talk show and attracts millions of viewers worldwide. 

Besides being a place for basketball discussion, 'Inside the NBA' is known for its comedic and sometimes somber moments, which often go viral online.

Of course, Ernie Johnson is often at the center of those moments, like we saw on All-Star weekend -- when he found a way to honor 75 basketball legends in an epic rhyme.

Never change, Ernie.