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Wayne Ellington Fires Back At Draymond Green, Calls Him A "Fake Tough Guy."



Following a heated exchange between Detroit's Rodney McGruder and Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson, Draymond Green responded by accusing McGruder of "acting like a tough guy."

In the post-game press conference, Green exploded on McGruder, insisting that nobody is scared or intimidated by him.

It didn't take long for Pistons guard Wayne Ellington to stand up for his teammate. But, instead of going after Toscano-Anderson, he attacked Draymond.

There should be no doubt that things got a little personal between the Warriors and Pistons following Saturday night's game. As the team's leader and enforcer, it's no surprise that Draymond is in the front and center of it all.

As for the idea that he's a "fake tough guy," it's already something that has been floated around by many of his staunchest critics. Needless to say, Draymond is unlikely to take much stock in it...