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We May Have Confirmation That Paul George Is Headed To Los Angeles Next Season


Since last summer, rumors about Paul George's interest in joining the Lakers have surfaced. Even way back then, the idea of PG wearing the purple and gold seemed likely.

Rather than sending him to L.A. though, the Pacers sent him to Oklahoma City, making the whole situation a little more complicated. With the Thunder, George had a great role, a great team, and an opportunity for a fresh start with a contending team. Between those reasons and several hints throughout the season, some started to think that PG13 might end up staying in town.

Those hopes were squandered a bit, though, when the Thunder got eliminated by the Jazz this postseason, marking another failed "superteam" experiment.

Now, we may have new intel to put this whole guessing game to bed. Here's what CJ McCollum said about Paul George on Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast:

I wish him (Paul George) nothing but the best and I'm sure he'll enjoy that California sunshine next season.

Obviously, McCollum could just be speculating like the rest of us. But who's to say that CJ doesn't have some sort of intel? Regardless, the evidence for PG's arrival in Los Angeles is mounting, and the Thunder should be very, very worried.