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When Charles Barkley Hilariously Called Himself A Dumba** On Live TV

When Charles Barkley Hilariously Called Himself A Dumba** On Live TV

Charles Barkley has shown time and time again that he's a world-class troll. The 'Inside the NBA' crew isn't different, and once, they pulled off a big joke on Chuck that remains unbeaten to this day. Several years ago, the former NBA MVP was reading a teleprompter sending a message to fans when they did him wrong. 

Over the years, we've seen Chuck getting pranked by his crewmates, including the time a cooler full of fish exploded, making Barkley jump. Shaquille O'Neal has tried to hurt him too, so it's not like this is new for the former power forward.

But, one of the most memorable pranks he suffered happened in 2015 when the Philadelphia 76ers and Phoenix Suns legend was reading the teleprompter and hilariously called himself a 'dumbass' while the rest of the crew laughed. 

"This is Charles Barkley. I hope you're enjoying the NBA playoffs on TNT... And I hope you have enjoyed my T-Mobile Fav 5 list... I'm a dumbass," Chuck read before realizing he was set up and laughing. 

Moments like these make fans enjoy this show so much, and even name it the best NBA show on TV. We get to see Barkley go at it with Shaq, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson every week until the end of the Conference Finals, and it's fair to say that fans already miss them on air. 

Chuck has expressed his desire to retire from TV once his current contract expires, but not so many people will be happy with that. We hope to see this man bringing his fun comments and interesting insight into everything that happens around the league. 

Next season, we'll definitely see more of this not only from Chuck but the rest of the people at the studio.