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When Klay Thompson Interrupted Steph Curry's Video To Steal A Ball During Shootaround

When Klay Thompson Interrupted Steph Curry's Video To Steal A Ball During Shootaround

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have been together since Klay was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, helping build an era of success with their elite shooting ability as a backcourt. The duo have also provided some truly wholesome moments during their time together, with it being very obvious that the 'Splash Bros' genuinely get along on a personal level as well as a professional one. 

Klay Thompson has often been known to act like a goofball, being oblivious to his surroundings and just doing whatever he wants. The best example of this is a video shared by Jared Gross on Twitter, of the time Klay unknowingly got in the way of a cool trick Curry was trying to do during shootaround. 

Curry placed the ball on the 3-point line, shaping up to kick it across the court to a waiting teammate who would then shoot the ball. After he carefully positioned it and was preparing to make the kick though, Klay nonchalantly walked in front of him, picked up a ball and shot it at the basket, ruining the video of Curry's attempt without even realizing. This left Steph unable to control his laughter, although he did go on to complete his trick. 

A lot of NBA fans are excited to see Klay's return to the league, after he has missed over 2 seasons of competitive basketball thanks to horrible long-term injuries. After messing up his ACL in the 2019 playoffs and missing the 2019-20 season, Klay then had an Achilles issue that stopped his comeback for the 2020-21 season as well. 

The Warriors guard is set to make his return when the Warriors play the Cavaliers on Sunday night, which is somewhat fitting considering the intense rivalry the two franchises have enjoyed over the course of Klay's career. If Thompson can come back even close to the level he was at before his injuries, the Warriors will be looking to make another run right to the NBA championship this season.