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When Kobe Bryant Announced He Decided To Skip College: 'I'm Taking My Talents To The NBA'

(via USA Today Sports)

(via USA Today Sports)

Kobe Bryant never was a regular guy and he always proved that. The Los Angeles Lakers demonstrated he was something else during his NBA career and even after leaving the game, the Black Mamba kept doing impressive things. 

That was always Kobe's mindset, looking for the bigger challenge and he showed that since a very young age. Recently, ClutchPoints shared an old video of a young Kobe announcing he would skip college to pursue his NBA career, something that was extremely rare when he decided to do it. 

25 years ago, the Los Angeles Lakers icon made probably the biggest decision of his life, showing he was willing to do anything to fulfill his dream of playing in the association. 

"I'm Kobe Bryant. I decided to take my talents to um... No, I have decided to skip college and take my talents to the NBA," Bryant said while people laughed. 

He was selected by the Charlotte Hornets and immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1996 NBA draft. That was the best moment the purple and gold could have done as their relationship with Kobe was great. 

Coming out of Lower Merion High School, the player struggled during his first seasons in the league but he found his way and became one of the best players to ever do it. Kobe retired with 5 championships, one MVP award and two Finals MVP under his belt. All in 20 seasons with the Lakers.

He sadly passed away last year in a fatal helicopter crash. The things he did on and off the court were admirable and a lot of people will remember Bryant as probably the most influential player of all time. 

**Credit for Video: ClutchPoints**