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When Kobe Bryant Hilariously Trolled Shaquille O’Neal During NBA 2K18 Shaq Legend Edition Announcement

When Kobe Bryant Hilariously Trolled Shaquille O’Neal During NBA 2K18 Shaq Legend Edition Announcement

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal had a relationship full of ups and downs. The two players teamed up together early in their careers and formed a formidable duo that terrorized the league for 4-5 years. In fact, the duo even won three back-to-back NBA championships together when playing for the purple and gold.

But every good thing has to end someday and so did the partnership between the two superstars. Both Kobe and Shaq's egos were too big to work together for a long time. So they spent the next few years in a constant feud.

Around the late 2000s and the early 2010s, the two players were once again on talking terms and some might even say they were friends again. Meaning? It was the perfect chance to use the two superstars for advertising a game. The game in question here is NBA 2K18.

During Shaq's NBA 2K18 legend announcement, the two players shot a funny sequence which of course became yet another iconic moment between them. The hilarious segment where Kobe trolled Shaq went like this:

Shaq reading from the teleprompter, "Wow what a huge honor it is to be named NBA 2K18 legend edition cover athlete. I really wouldn't be here without the guidance, love, and support of my mom and dad. Also, I'd like to thank my coaches, both college and professional. But most of all I'd like to thank Kobe Bryant. He was an NBA 2K legend cover athlete first. He's so awesome and handsome and has really nice natural teeth. Wait, what?"

[Kobe flexed his smile]

"We looking at his teeth? This ain't over Kobe. Payback's gonna be fun."

Looking at this moment between the two legends is funny and sad at the same time. Since Kobe passed away in 2020, it made fans emotional even upon seeing this video. A few shared their thoughts in the comments section of the YouTube video.

kohisaaa kohisaaa: "If I could only see that smile one more time... rest in peace Kobe..."

Jackson Champeau: "Shaq never got his payback 😢."

Twiggs 95: "I just want to say since that the legend is passed away Kobe Bryant was well respected and he will be truly missed. And I loved this commercial when it first dropped forever a classic."

Jared Everage: "Kobe was a legend even in trailers."

Mohammad Hafzah: "This immediately pops in my head. RIP Kobe. ❤️🏀."

Jalen's World: "Whenever you miss him, and you're sad for him, just go to this video to cheer you up. R.I.P. Kobe I never watched Basketball, but I knew you we're one of the greats."

Kelvin Felix: "Had to come back to this vid RIP kobe😔."

Average Joe: "I miss you already kobe 😭!!! Im still thinking your still here with us."

Odysseus: "'This ain't over Kobe. Paybacks gonna be fun.'"

Zacc737: "I still hate that he didn’t get his payback 😔😢 rest well Kobe Bryant."

tantan jokerman: "Those people that saw this commercial when it just came out didn't knew what was gonna happen to kobe 😔."

Yet again it's the videos like these that make fans further emotional over the untimely death of the beloved former Lakers superstar.

No matter how many years go by, it will always feel like yesterday to most Bryant fans. Rest In Peace Kobe!

Credit for the idea: Kicks/Instagram