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When Kyrie Irving Promised A Cleveland Kid He Wouldn't Leave The Cavaliers: "How Can I Leave You Guys?"

When Kyrie Irving Promised A Cleveland Kid He Wouldn't Leave The Cavaliers: "How Can I Leave You Guys?"

Kyrie Irving is once again involved in a big controversy. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has raised many eyebrows around the league since he revealed his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine, which will prevent him from playing home games. 

The Nets already stated they won't let Kyrie be a part-time player and banned him from team activities until he (at least) gets the first shot of the vaccine. Well, Kyrie recently claimed he won't change his mind, but that doesn't mean he'll stop playing, opening the door for trade rumors.

On his third team in the league, Irving is again making noise for the wrong reasons. It happened with the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers before. 

During his days in Ohio, the talented point guard made promises that he didn't fulfill, starting this cycle of issues wherever he went. Back in 2013, Kyrie promised a room full of kids that he wouldn't leave the Cavaliers as LeBron James did three years before. 

“Are you going to leave us like LeBron left us?” one kid asked.

“It’s a great question,” Kyrie replied. “No, I won’t leave. I won’t leave. How can I leave you guys?”

Four years later, Irving requested a trade from Cleveland, with reports suggesting he was tired of being under LeBron's shadow. He would get traded to the Boston Celtics, where he played two seasons. 

Kyrie then promised at the TD Garden that he would re-sign with the C's before taking a different turn and joining forces with Kevin Durant in Brooklyn in 2019. This decision also earned him a lot of criticism, especially in Boston.

Now, after two seasons with the Nets, he's under fire once again. The 2016 NBA champion missed a series of games last season due to personal reasons, which already concerned people. With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, things have gotten worse for Kyrie. 

People are constantly blasting him for his mindset, but he's not bothered by that. He made it clear he won't change his stance, which is already creating issues within the team. The Nets still have Kevin Durant and James Harden on the roster, so that's good as this team aspires to win it all next year