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The Time Michael Jordan Won Jamal Crawford's Mercedes In A 3-Point Shootout

(via Sideline Sources)

(via Sideline Sources)

By the time Michael Jordan returned to the NBA in 2001, he was 38-years-old and playing for the lowly Washington Wizards. Even then he averaged over 20 points per game, but it's fair to say that he was nowhere near his prime.

Even still, when you bet against Michael Jordan you usually lose. For NBA sharpshooter Jamal Crawford, he found that out the hard way during his rookie season. After betting his Mercedes that he could beat Jordan in a 3-point shoot off, the GOAT went 5-for-5, leaving the rookie Crawford without his ride.

(via Gianmarco Pozzecco)

"JC challanged MJ to a 3 point shootout for $1000, MJ won so Crawford upped to $5000 and won, then MJ told him: "What car did you drive here with?" - "Mercedes" - "I came with a Ferrari, let's bet our cars." MJ went 5 for 5, removed Crawford's personalized plate and left with the Mercedes."

That's a classic rookie mistake by Crawford. Jordan may have been old, but he never failed to step up to a challenge. Plus, shooting was one of Jordan's best traits and, even today, he's recognized as one of the greatest shooters in league history.

While that was mostly from the mid-range, Mike was clearly confident in his abilities beyond the arc. Even now, something says it wouldn't be wise to undervalue his skillset.