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When Nicki Minaj Gave A Hot Lap Dance To Steve Nash: "The Only Thing Steve Nash Doesn’t Pass”

When Nicki Minaj Gave A Hot Lap Dance To Steve Nash: "The Only Thing Steve Nash Doesn’t Pass”

Steve Nash had a long and fruitful career in the NBA. Although he failed to win any NBA championships while playing, he has a chance to do that with the Nets, but as a head coach this time.

He joined the Brooklyn Nets as their head coach during the 2020-21 NBA season. His first season as head coach of the team saw them reach the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. But he will have a much better chance this season with his players finally being healthy.

Anyway, today our focus is not on his coaching or even his playing days. We are looking at an uncomfortable situation that the two-NBA MVP went through over a decade ago. Yes, we are talking about when Nash was given a lap dance by renowned rapper Nicki Minaj.

It happened in 2011 when for some reason point guards were the victims of lethal lap dances by Minaj. First, it happened to Chris Paul and then Nash was her target. While it might have started off great for Nash, he soon started to realize the situation he was in and the smile on his face began to hilariously vanish.

Despite the video being more than a decade old, NBA fans won't ever let Nash forget it. For example, a tweet in August 2021, once again reminded us of what happened to Nash during the event, and of course, the tweet had a hilarious caption.

The actual gems of the comments were hidden in the comment section of the original YouTube video. So on that note, here are some of the most hilarious trolls that Steve Nash has endured till now:

TP Films: "The only thing Steve Nash doesn't pass."

Jas ProLogik Hall: "'Oh I can't wait to tell the boys back in Canada' heada**'"

backthefuckupoffme: "I can only imagine Dirk's reaction if he saw this. lol."

Erik Bodo: "If that's a lap dance... I want my money back."

Arathor82: "The look towards the end was priceless it was like, 'The f*** is this waste of time ?'"

Lafut1: "Lmao Steve looked terrified at one point. Weird to see him with that old haircut of his looool."

James Bond: "Lol at the end, Steve Nash looks like he's going into a FBSM to get a happy ending. Just look at the way he walks lol."

vivaraulito: "Lol if it was Kobe in the lap dance he be like I ain't gonna pass that shit ima score XDXDXDXD."

StrwbryMuffin: "Dude looked scared,like he didn't know what was going on,lol!!"

Justin Nicholas: "This why Nash the best PG to ever play the game."

Rodney: "I remember watching this years ago and never realizing it was Steve Nash until today 😂"

Pmike2345: "I like how steve nash just left the stage like nothing happened lol he was just like, 'Okkkk that was good. now to go play some basketball' lmao."


mikee1333: "Steve was like i saw it on tv but i never expect it in real life."

starstruckt: "Lmfao omg I'm dyin man this s*** so funny he was so clueless."

Jack McCarthy: "This alone puts him in the hall of fame. Forget anything else this will do it."

Jed Watson: "That night steve was scoring more than baskets."

Twitchitself: "That poor guy. He must be scared now and he probably can't sleep anymore. Seems like Nicki Minaj made another victim."

judgegixxer: "Looks like he took one too many Ambien and forgot it was an outta town game that night so he shows up at the hometown arena to accidentally walk into a Nicki Minaj show."

THEBIZZARECAT: "I respect Steve Nash as a basketball player and a person and that respect just went because he kept his composure and didnt go all wild."

The comments were certainly wild on this video and as we mentioned earlier, fans won't let Nash forget this incident that easily.

Maybe winning an NBA championship with the Brooklyn Nets might make it a bit easier to deal with these trolls?