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When Steve Blake Fought With Teammate John Gilchrist During A 2002 Practice: "Ate That Punch Like A Footlong From Subway."

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Steve Blake is a role player that entered the league during the 2003-04 season after being drafted by the Washington Wizards. He is most well-known for winning the 2002 NCAA championship with Maryland. On the basketball court, he was adept at shooting and passing.

During a 2002 practice, Steve Blake notably got into a fight with one of his teammates, John Gilchrist. The video of the fight has since gone viral on Instagram, as account @timelesssports posted it to commemorate his birthday, which was February 26th.

A lot of fans reacted to the video of the fight, with many of them pointing out that Steve Blake almost got knocked out himself. Some also stated that Steve Blake was never willing to back down from anyone.

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Fighting one's teammate is never the optimal solution to a disagreement. It is far better to try and talk out one's differences. It is obvious that Steve Blake was out of line, though luckily, the fight was broken up. Notably, Steve Blake also got into a physical altercation with Gilbert Arenas during his time on the Washington Wizards, so clearly, this incident in 2002 was not the only instance of Steve Blake choosing the less peaceful approach.

While obviously fighting isn't good, the points made about Steve Blake not being willing to back down from others show that he had a fire inside him, something that non-star players often need to stay in the league. You cannot teach heart, and it is obvious that Steve Blake had it. As a second-round pick, you have to battle against others on the court and prove that you belong in the league. Steve Blake ended up having a long career, so he was clearly a successful role player.