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"When The Lakers Are Healthy, I Don't Believe There's A Team In The NBA That Would Take Them To Six Games In A Playoff Series," Says Jaylen Rose

Jalen Rose Says Los Angeles Lakers Are ‘The Best Team In Basketball’: “If They Stay Healthy, LeBron James Is Getting Another Ring This Year”

(via DraftKings Nation)

The Los Angeles Lakers are amid their most troubling stretch of the past two seasons. With 6 losses in their last 10 games, and several concerning showings, it's clear that the Purple and Gold are having some trouble keeping pace without the help of Anthony Davis, who is set to sit on the sidelines until at least through the All-Star game.

Still, even considering the reality of their situation, ESPN's Jalen Rose still believes they're the team to beat in the West.

"When [the Lakers] are healthy, I don't believe there's a team in the NBA that would take them to six games in a playoff series."

The Lakers emerged as underdogs in the 2020 postseason. The Clippers and Bucks were considered the title favorites by countless in the NBA community, and the Lakers proved everyone wrong by winning the whole thing.

Can they do it again? When healthy, the Lakers are one of the only teams in the NBA that is truly dominant on both ends of the floor. They also have Championship experience.

When you consider other teams in the league, their flaws, and the fact that they're still figuring out how to work together, it certainly seems like L.A. has the advantage.

Despite their struggles, the Purple and Gold are the team to beat, and they might just prove it to us all come the playoffs.