Why Kevin Durant Left Oklahoma City For The Warriors

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Ever since moving from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant gave up his status as the unquestioned leader of the Thunder to play behind Steph Curry.

The move has admittedly worked out for KD whether you like it or not, as Durant has claimed two championship rings with the Warriors to go along with two Finals MVP awards.

Other than the rings though, Kevin Durant has offered another reason why the move to Golden State was much-needed during an interview with 95.7FM The Game this past week.

"You can't learn about life if you're the only player on the team... You're the only player on the team and nobody is just as good as you, nobody has that experience or that thought process of how you're thinking as a ball player."

So on the Thunder, Durant considered himself the best player on the team, and couldn't relate to anyone else -- not even Russell Westbrook -- over what it's like to be a star player. But somehow, on the Warriors, KD can do that with Stephen Curry. Hmmm...

This take may be one of the main reasons OKC never won anything with Durant leading from the helm: He never saw he and Westbrook as equals, like he does with Stephen Curry and himself.