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Wiggins And Towns Told Joel Embiid He Will Get Along With Jimmy Butler


Joel Embiid hasn't gotten the chance to meet his new teammate yet, but apparently they'll get along just fine.

In a reveal to ESPN, the Philly big man said he had a conversation with Wiggins and Kat, where they said he and the veteran guard "should get along."

"They thought that we were definitely going to get along," Embiid told ESPN. "He wants to win. Wiggs told me that he thought that we were going to win the East for sure."

It make sense, too, considering the pair have very similar personalities. Embiid and Butler both have a dog-like mentality, and effort shouldn't be a problem for them like it was in Minnesota.

On the court fit is always adjustable to a degree, but if the team isn't on the same page in the locker room? That's disaster.

On what has been a largely underwhelming start to the season, the Sixers are hoping Butler will help vault them into Championship contention. So long as Simmons and Embiid are willing to play nice, that's a very achievable goal.