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Will Cain: ‘Kawhi Runs L.A., Not LeBron And The Lakers’

Will Cain: ‘Kawhi Runs LA, Not LeBron And The Lakers’

The Los Angeles Lakers-Los Angeles Clippers rivalry is set to be revamped (if it ever existed) following the moves that both teams did during the offseason and how favorites they are to claim the NBA title next season.

Albeit their histories are very different when it comes to titles, next campaign they will go head-to-head to dominate a league that’s set to be one of the most competitive in the last 10 years or so.

Of course, now one of the biggest debates will be who owns the city of Los Angeles, although many would say the Lakers are the rulers of LA, no matter how bad they have been in the last six years. However, NBA analyst Will Cain has a different stance on that matter, as he thinks the Clippers led by Kawhi Leonard are now the kings of Los Angeles. During an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Cain explained why he believes that.

While Ryan Hollins made the case for the Lakers by talking about all their generations of fans and the great players that wore the Purple and Gold during their careers, Cain focused on the actuality and dared to name a player as the owner of the city.

“Is that question in the past tense? Does it say which team ran LA? Is it talking about history? I don’t understand, I thought the question was in the present tense,” Cain told Hollins.

“Who runs LA? The answer isn’t just the Los Angeles Clippers. The answer to that question right there is clearly defined in one word: ‘Kawhi’ runs LA.”

He then asked Hollins to describe which team has the better coach, owner, GM, and roster, leaving no question that the Clippers are the best team on paper at this moment.

“Let me make something clear,” Cain added. “Kawhi Leonard had a choice. He could go anywhere he wanted, he was a free agent, he could have joined the Los Angeles Lakers, he could have joined a superteam in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Kawhi Leonard rejected that; he rejected the most popular team in LA, he rejected that history, he rejected LeBron James.

“Kawhi Leonard rejected everything you think runs LA. All that, which is so obvious, it’s been built up over decades, the better business, the more popular team, the jersey, the colors, the history. Kawhi Leonard gave it the Heisman, and he gave LeBron the Heisman and he chose the Clippers. Make no mistake. Not just the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard runs LA.”

That is an interesting point of view and plenty of fans would think the same way as Cain. However, that’s just now; the real competition starts in a few months and that’s when we’ll get to see who are the actual ruler of the city, the Lakers or Clippers.