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Wilt Chamberlain On How Many Points He'D Average In The 90s: 'At 60, I Could Get 30... At 30, I Could Average 60 Or 70'


Wilt Chamberlain always boasted big confidence during and after his NBA career. He's one of the most dominant and unguardable players in the league, and never let people forget that. 

Back in 1997, while he was retired, Wilt talked with Ahmad Rashad. He and Bill Russell discussed the current state of centers in the league at that moment. Truth to his style, Chamberlain went against every big man in the league at that time. First, he said he wouldn't have any problem dominating them, even saying he was faster than Hakeem Olajuwon (4:09).

"I would love it. It would be a joke. He [Olajuwon] is quicker than I am, but I believe I'm faster than he is, or was at one time."

Moreover, when Rashad asked him how many points he would average in the 90s, Chamberlain delivered the most Wilt Chamberlain response he could think of. 

"I could get maybe 30 right now, big fella. I'm trying to tell you that. But at 30, I could probably average 60 or 70. Period. The game would best suit me."

This man was something else. He never hesitated to take jabs at other players, including Michael Jordan. Yet, Wilt always showed respect for MJ, even saying he was the only guy in the 90s that deserved the money he was getting

Wilt was a total character, and every time he had the chance, he made people laugh with his comments.