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"Within The Nest 12 Months, A Star Will Demand A Trade To The Knicks," Says Brian Windhorst

(via Daily Knicks)

(via Daily Knicks)

After spending much of the past decade in the Eastern Conference bunker, the New York Knicks are amid a major revival that could spark the arrival of an All-NBA level talent.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, the Knickerbockers could welcome a star player to their roster in as soon as a few months.

"I say within the next 12 months a star, slash, superstar player demands a trade to New York. And I don't know who it's going to be. I have some guesses. I'm not going to say right here. I'll let you guys start thinking about that."

Naturally, fans have already begun speculating on which star Windhorst was referring to...

Despite their struggles over the past few years, the Knicks have always been among the high-valued franchises in American sports.

Their prime location in New York City, coupled with their home arena at Madison Square Garden, the Knicks remain a prestigious and renowned organization. Now, with a winning culture finally being developed, there is really nothing holding them back from bringing in stars and chasing a title.