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Witness Describes Events Leading To The Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash

(via extra)

(via extra)

As the world mourns the deaths of Kobe Bryant and those who were killed in that terrible helicopter crash, many are trying to piece together what happened in the moments leading up to the tragedy.

Though no footage of the incident has been released, we do have the reports of an eyewitness, who recently broke down what he saw and what transpired before the terrible ordeal.

Honestly, the way he lays out the details of the crash is incredible. As he spotted the chopper, he recalls being concerned with how low the aircraft was flying until hearing it impact some hills to the east close to his home.

In a separate video, aviation expert Juan Brown gave a pilots perspective of the hazards of low-level helicopter operations in poor weather conditions.

Everyone wants to understand how and why this happened. And although we'll never really know what the final moments in that chopper were like, we have a pretty good idea as to the conditions that caused it.

It's heartbreking and scary, to say the least.