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WNBA Star Aerial Powers Starts Twitter Beef With Andre Iguodala

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

We're living in complicated times. People are more sensitive than ever and for good reason. Minorities, women, and black people have just had enough after decades of mockery, unwanted compliments, and slurs.

Even so, sometimes it's kind of difficult to know where to draw the line. Where does a comment become disrespectful or when we should just keep our thoughts to ourselves to avoid controversy.

That's what happened to Andre Iguodala, who's tweet in support of the WNBA took a terrible turn. The 3-time NBA Champion took it to Twitter to complement Mystics' star Aerial Powers but perhaps he could have chosen his words more wisely:

"Number 23 from the Mystics is nice!!!" Andre said, perhaps - most likely - talking about her game. However, Powers didn't take his comment lightly and considered it an unwanted compliment, so he called him out right away:

"Put some respect on my name or keep this tweet to yourself!!" she replied. Apparently, she held some hard feelings towards Iguodala, who had once claimed that he didn't want his daughter playing in the WNBA and then becoming a Lesbian:

"We deal with disrespect on the daily so for someone like you @andre to tweet that off the same device u could have looked me up on is unacceptable. Mind you commentator said my name. Would it have been the same if I was a guy? Look at the pic. I didn’t forget. I SAID WHAT I SAID!" Powers added. Andre didn't leave it like that, concluding the beef with a "... no manners" tweet, clearly disgruntled by the fact that his compliment wasn't taken lightly.

Honestly, he had it coming. You can't say that kind of stuff and just forget it goes away after complimenting one girl's game. WNBA players deserve as much respect as NBA players and it's time we start changing the narrative. Even so, maybe dissing the players who try to be a part of that change isn't the best way of reacting but she's definitely had a right to stand up.