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Wolves Fan Gets Ejected After Exchanging Words With Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin NBA 421421

Man, what is it with these NBA fans and them getting into verbal altercations with NBA players? Only a few days ago we had Steven Adams get into it with a Nuggets fan and now Blake Griffin found himself on the receiving end of some abuse from a Timberwolves fan.

The Pistons were ahead in the closing seconds of an overtime game with the Wolves and the frustration of coming up short must have got to the fan’s ego. He starting abusing Blake Griffin and BG was having none of it, and he was right to do so. Luckily Blake didn’t lose his head and go after the fan and he was able to calm down by the refs and his teammates.

The Wolves did the right thing and ejected the fan who of course got an applause from the rest of the Minnesota fans.

Maybe every NBA stadium should have an area where fans who yell abuse at players can go and face them. Fans only do it because they know they can get away with it. Blake Griffin is 6 foot 10 and weighs 250 lbs. That fan wouldn’t last 1 second in any physical altercation with Griffin. The trouble is Blake has a lot more to lose in any altercation than the fan and fans all over the country know this. The worst thing that can happen to the fan is he (or she) is banned. The worst thing that can happen to the player (in this instance Blake Griffin) is that he is fined many thousands of dollars.

Blake is having his best season yet as a pro averaging 25.7 points and 9.1 rebounds along with 5 assists. He doesn’t need to ruin it with a stupid, split-second decision. NBA players are tougher than you think given the amount of abuse they get whenever they are on the road.