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Yet Another Piece Of Evidence LeBron Could Be LA Bound


The time is almost here. The third go-round of LeBron's decision is in full-swing... and it's end is near.

But even with the official announcement being days away, we might already have a pretty good idea as to what LeBron James' decision will be. Among the other pieces of evidence comes this latest hint pointed out by Thomas Duffy.

Back in 2014, LBJ tweeted at an account called "CuffsTheLegend," which points at a real and present friendship between Cuffs and The King. Fast forward to today, and scrolling down Cuffs' timeline reveals an interesting set of tweets. Within the past 24 hours, Cuffs tweeted things about moving to LA, and mentioned Kyle Kuzma and Cari Champion (big Laker fan), as if something big was about to happen for the Lakers.

This is important because, thanks to LeBron's previous 2014 tweet, we know that Cuffs has a connection to LeBron, enough to where James is willing to recognize it publicly. Cuffs' recent "LA bound" behavior combined with that relationship with James is enough to raise more than a few eyebrows about the King's upcoming decision.

The evidence is lining up for the Lakers signing LeBron. We'll find out soon if the "evidence" is just another mountain of smoke, or if they end up being telling signs of the coming reality for Los Angeles.