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Young Jazz Fan Perfectly Imitated Jordan Clarkson's Look

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Young Jazz Fan Perfectly Imitated Jordan Clarkson's Look

A lot of people wear jerseys to their favorite team's games in order to support them, as well as the players on the roster. However, some people take supporting their team or favorite player to the next level. 

A recent video of a young Utah Jazz went viral, with many people noting that he managed to pull off dressing like Jordan Clarkson quite nicely. That is certainly a great way for the fan to show his support towards the Sixth Man of the Year from the 2020-21 season.

There is no question that Jordan Clarkson is a crucial piece to the Utah Jazz contending hopes this year, and it's good to see fans who like his playstyle and what he brings to the team. While he hasn't shot the best percentage from the field thus far in the season, Clarkson is a streaky player who might break his cold streak at any moment.

The Utah Jazz have consistently been one of the best defenses in the league over the last few years with their current core featuring Donovan Mitchell and Utah Jazz. However, we have not yet seen them get to the Western Conference Finals yet, let alone be in the Finals. There is a chance that they may go on a deep playoff run this year, and they've still been one of the better regular-season teams this year, sitting at 3rd in the Western Conference with an 11-6 record.

Donovan Mitchell previously stated that his ankle affected him during his playoff run last season, and Mike Conley wasn't in the best health either. It is possible that they could get to the Finals if healthy, but they will have to prove it in the playoffs. Perhaps, they will be able to do so: they have a lot of great pieces surrounding one of the best volume scorers in the league, and their roster isn't an easy matchup