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Young Players "Sick" Of This Popular NBA Player, Buyout Is "Inevitable"


Usually when an older NBA vet is on a team loaded with young guys, he gets swarmed with respect. Guys like Dirk, Manu, and Z-Bo always seem to have the respect and likeness of NBA youngsters.

When it comes to NBA star Dwyane Wade, that couldn't be more wrong.

After trading away most of their star power for young talent this summer, the Bulls have bought in on an all out rebuild. While Dwyane Wade hasn't been bought out yet, it looks like his departure from the team is to be expected.

Thanks to ESPN's Nick Friedell, we now n=know that things are much worse than they seem.

"This is inevitable. It's coming....The young players on the Bulls really can't stand Wade. It's no secret in Chicago, they have had enough. He didn't practice, but they really got upset because he called them all out in the media and said 'You guys aren't working hard enough.' And then they said 'Who are you to say we aren't working hard? Because we're out here every day busting our butt.' So there's a lot of friction there, a lot of tension."

Whether or not Wade is deliberately severing ties with the Bulls, it's become evidently clear that this situation is far beyond repair. The tension in the locker room coupled with Wade's hindrance to young development almost guarantee that he his days in Chi town are numbered. He and the team just don't seem to understand each other.

This news comes out just as reports claim that the star moved his kids from Chicago to Florida. Between that and the growing speculation that he will join LeBron James in Cleveland, Wade has proven that he's already given up on the Bulls. And he may have his next destination already in mind.

At this point, it'll be a shock if Wade is still in a Bulls jersey by next April. But where he'll actually end up is still up in the air.