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Zach LaVine Calls Out Referees Over The Call That Led To Damian Lillard's Game-Winner

(via Blue Man Hoop)

(via Blue Man Hoop)

Once again, Damian Lillard proved that he's one of the most clutch players to ever live. Once again, the Chicago Bulls let a lead slip right through their fingers in the final seconds.

Following a jump ball, Lillard hit a heavily-contested fadeaway three-pointer at the buzzer to get a 123-122 road win over the Chicago Bulls, who were up 5 points with little-to-no time on the clock. Then again, Zach LaVine believed that the referees should have called a foul rather than a jump ball, as he was clearly fouled during that double-time by Gary Trent Jr and Rodney Jr.

“I didn’t think it was a jump ball. I didn’t think they had their hands on it," LaVine said after the game, as quoted by K.C. Johnson

It clearly seems like a foul was the right call. That would have put LaVine on the line with a chance to ice the game, or Billy Donovan could have used his final time out to prevent that from happening. Then, Lillard, like Thanos, was inevitable.

The Chicago Bulls are still a work in progress and have made great strides under Billy Donovan. They're finally developing and have competed even in the losses. Sadly, that may not be enough to keep a rising star like Zach LaVine around for the long term.