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Zach LaVine Includes Himself In The Bulls All-Time Starting 5

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Despite being in a team with a losing record, Zach LaVine believes he’s doing just fine with the Chicago Bulls. He’s playing in one of the most famous franchises in the world of sports, and even though things aren’t going well for the Bulls right now, his confidence is incredibly high given his recent words.

LaVine joined ESPN’s Marc J. Spears and former NBA All-Star Kenyon Martin Sr. for a special edition of The Undefeated’s “Roundball Rap.” He was asked to name his all-time Bulls starting lineup and his response was as interesting as unexpected.

He picked Derrick Rose, himself, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Pau Gasol. This is very interesting. We all know D-Rose took the world by storm with the Bulls, becoming the youngest player to win the MVP award and the second to do so in Bulls history alongside Michael Jordan.

MJ is the greatest player of all time and we couldn’t find time to list all the things he did for the Bulls. He created one of the best associations in the league’s history with Scottie Pippen, leading the franchise to win six championships.

For the other two picks, we don’t know what made LaVine take that way. Pau Gasol was great, one of the best foreign players in the NBA. Even though he earned two calls for the All-Star game in two seasons with the Bulls, he wasn’t as impactful as the aforementioned three players. His best days happened with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he became an NBA champion.

As for LaVine, he has turned himself into one of the best young scorers in the league, but it’s not like he’s taking his team to actually compete in the league. It’s good to see him have a lot of confidence in himself, but this is a little too much for him and his struggling Bulls.