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Zach LaVine: "Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Mid-Range Game Was Like Art"

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Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant shared a lot of similarities. No wonder people always say the closest we get to see Michael Jordan again was Kobe Bryant. Not only did they share the same mindset, they had the same killer instinct but their styles of play were similar, too.

Chicago Bulls' Zach LaVine recently talked about the similarities between Kobe and MJ, especially in their styles of play. Talking on Ball Don’t Stop podcast, the Chicago Bulls guard talked about Kobe and MJ's mid-range game, even labeling as an art. They became famous for that, Kobe and Jordan made that a very important part of their game.

“It’s almost like art the way that they operated and how they could manipulate defense. You know, pump-fake, slide-through and a ball-fake. They could take one-two dribbles at that,” the 25-year-old guard said.

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LaVine said he wants to improve that facet of his game and it looks like he found the perfect player to imitate. This season the Chicago Bulls were not that good, once again, but LaVine was having a very good season, individually speaking. He averaged 25.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game this season for the Bulls.

While other teams are traveling to Orlando next week for the return of the league, LaVine and his Bulls will stay at home, unless the league finally announced another bubble for the 8 teams that won't travel to Walt Disney World.