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Zach LaVine Surpasses Michael Jordan For 4th Place In Chicago Bulls All-Time Three-Pointers Made List


The Chicago Bulls have once again become an exciting team to watch in the NBA. That is thanks in part to their new big four of Zach LaVine, Lonzo Ball, Nikola Vucevic, and DeMar DeRozan. The four players are expected to push the Bulls into a playoff spot for the first time in 5 years.

This quartet has gotten the Bulls off to a strong start. In fact, the Bulls are 4-0 right now, for the first time since their historic 1996-97 NBA season. The Bulls have not had this good a start to the NBA season since the days of Michael Jordan.

This isn’t the only way the Bulls have matched Jordan. In fact, Zach LaVine surpassed Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls’ all-time three-pointers made list. LaVine now sits with 558 three-pointers made at the 4th position, behind Scottie Pippen, Ben Gordon, and Kirk Hinrich.

For LaVine, his accomplishment is not only a great reflection of his talent but also of how much the NBA has changed since the days of Jordan. In the top 5, Jordan, Pippen, and Heinrich had several attempts over multiple seasons. 

Whereas Ben Gordon and LaVine come close to their attempts with less than half the seasons they had under their belt.

Clearly, the emphasis on three-pointers in the modern NBA has played a big part in LaVine’s numbers. While Zach LaVine has been a solid and consistent three-point shooter, the fact that the NBA encourages players to shoot more three-pointers now than before has been a big aid in him being able to surpass ‘His Airness’.

Going forward, LaVine and the Bulls will be looking to make waves in the East and secure a playoff spot. The big 4 in Chicago will have to play really well, given how competitive the East is now, compared to a few years ago. But with the talent at hand, they have no excuse not to bring Chicago back to playoff contention.