Zach LaVine's 32.0 PPG Run In February Is The 31st Best Scoring Month In Bulls History. Michael Jordan Had The First 30 Best Months.

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(via Bulls Talk)

(via Bulls Talk)

Zach LaVine is the main reason why the Chicago Bulls have improved this season. They're not a contender but things are going better for them under Billy Donovan than Jim Boylen. They have a big star in LaVine and his numbers this season are the prime sample of that.

The young shooting guard / small forward has taken his game to the next level, even outgrowing his own team this campaign, setting and tying records every time he steps foot on the court. More recently, the player recorded a big month of February, logging 32.0 points per game, which is the 31st best scoring month in the team's history. Yes, those are impressive numbers, but not enough to beat the name at the 30th spot.

NBC's Bulls Talk shared the graphic of LaVine having this impressive run this month but also revealed that Michael Jordan had the 30 first spots on that list, recording the 30 best scoring months in Chicago Bulls history. Imagine how great you have to be to do that. To make things more interesting, MJ is tied with LaVine on that 31st position and from there, Jordan's name is on the list until you reach the 46th spot.

Michael Jordan was the Chicago Bulls and this is the biggest example of that. This man changed the history of the franchise, gave them six titles, and put them at the top of the world with his game. MJ had the best 32-month period in NBA history, taking his name and the Bulls to the next dimension. No wonder he's considered the GOAT.

LaVine is having huge numbers with this team and that isn't enough to even make it to the top 10 on the best scoring months list. Zach could be leaving this team this season but he's making sure to leave his mark on the franchise, just that it won't be at the level of His Airness.