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Zach Lowe: 'A Lot Of People Think That Donovan Mitchell Is Overrated'

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

The Utah Jazz will enter the NBA resumption with some questions that they need to answer as soon as possible. It looks like the relationship between Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert is improving and they're ready to compete at the bubble. However, there are more questions about the Jazz and their figures.

Donovan Mitchell has been one of the most explosive players in the league ever since he made it to the association but now it's time for him to step up his game and lead his team to actually compete in the East. Before the shutdown, they were 4th in the West, behind the Lakers, Clippers and Nuggets, respectively.

Everybody is waiting to see if they can make some noise this upcoming playoff and see if Donovan is actually capable of leading his team. During a recent edition of Zach Lowe's 'The Lowe Post' podcast, the host shared how several people look at Mitchell, stating that a lot of fans believe 'Spyda' is 'a little overrated.'

“I was talking to someone around the league the other day, and we were just sort of spitballing about players. There’s a lot of people within the league that think Donovan Mitchell is still a bit overrated. And this guy was one of them. We were talking about who would you rather have Devin Booker or Donovan Mitchell. And I think the only skill in which Donovan Mitchell is ahead of Devin Booker is defense and I don’t think he’s ahead by as much as you think he’s ahead of Devin Booker.”

Mitchell has been a very good player but that hasn't prevented people from criticizing him. There are big expectations about every team in the league this season and the Jazz are expected to do something more this year. They need Donovan at his best level if they want to succeed in the stacked Western Conference.

It remains to be seen how he'll fare in the postseason, will he prove his doubters wrong or confirm what everybody believes?