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Zach Lowe: 'I Don't Think Any Of These Teams Are Afraid Of Oklahoma City"

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

The Oklahoma City Thunder has been a surprising team this NBA season, being a playoff squad right now after being discarded by a lot of fans and experts before the start of the season. Before the NBA entered hiatus, they ranked fifth in the Western Conference, tied with the Houston Rockets.

Led by Chris Paul, a group of young players took this team to be competitive after everybody thought they were going to miss Russell Westbrook. Well, it seems like their fairy tale will come to an end when the postseason starts in Orlando next month. According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the Thunder are the weakest team in the Western Conference.

During the latest 'Lowe Post' podcast, Lowe and John Hollinger agreed that OKC is the easiest team in the Western Conference.

"I think [OKC] is just kind of what they are. Like I don't think anyone is afraid --- they're a nice team, they're a good team -- I don't think any of these teams are afraid of Oklahoma City."

The Thunder have been beating the odds since the start of the season. One could think they can do it again but it's hard to find a team they can beat in seven games. It's not impossible, but right now the Thunder look like a team that reached the playoff but still needs some development before competing in bigger stages.

They have great players, they have a great mentor in CP3, if they stay together, perhaps we could see this team making more noise in the upcoming seasons.