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Zach Lowe, Kendrick Perkins And Marcus Spears All Pick Luka Over Giannis As The Player To Build A Franchise Around

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Luka Doncic are the present and the future of the NBA, so comparisons will be made all the time. The Milwaukee Bucks star is leading his team to be one of the best in the league, while Luka surprised the whole world with his performances this season with the Dallas Mavericks. They are young and have a bright future ahead. Comparisons are hot right now, with people wondering who would be the best player to build a franchise around.

That was the question on Tuesday's edition of ESPN's 'Get Up!', where Mike Greenberg asked Zach Lowe, Kendrick Perkins and Marcus Spears who would they build their team around, Giannis or Luka? If you asked this same question one year ago, the answer would've been Giannis without any hesitation. However, after Luka's great season, that answer has changed. As a matter of fact, Lowe, Perkins and Spears all agreed on Luka.

Lowe revealed he was shocked by his own answer given that he voted for Giannis as the 2020 NBA MVP, but he'd pick Doncic due to all his gifts on the offense.

"Luka has no holes in his offensive game. He can shoot, he can dribble, he can pass, he can shoot from everywhere on the floor. And Giannis has that one little hole that's getting smaller every year, but the no-hole offensive game, I have greater flexibility to build my team around Luka," Lowe said.

Kendrick Perkins had a similar response, even comparing Doncic's talents to LeBron James.

“When you look at Luka… it’s a guy that doesn’t rely on his athleticism. He’s gonna be able to do this for a long period of time. And he’s only 21-years-old. Also, when you look at Luka package offensively. Yes, he’s giving you thirty a night. But look at his facilitating. He’s probably the best floor general right after LeBron James in today’s game. his core-vision is Magic Johnson-like. So I’m going with Luka Doncic if I’m starting a franchise today and I had to choose between him and Giannis,” Perkins said

Marcus Spears agreed with Lowe and Perk, explaining he was going to do the same thing that LeBron James has done during his career, facilitate buckets for his teammates but also helping them get paid, just like the King. He said Giannis was different and people knew what he needs to do to be better but Doncic is different.

"When you look at Luka, every player in the NBA, at some point is going to want to play with a guy that can set them up and position them to not only be better players but to get a paycheck. What did LeBron do for so many of his teammates? Got them paid. That's what Luka Doncic is going to do for a lot of people in this league."

After several people tried to play down Luka's capacity two years ago when he entered the league, now the Slovenian player is enchanting everybody, ready to take over this league and become not only one of the best foreigners to play in the NBA but one of the best players to ever do it.