Zach Lowe: "Kyrie Irving Will Leave Boston, He Is Unpredictable"

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Now the NBA season is officially over for Kyrie Irving and his Boston Celtics following a 4-1 series loss against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Albeit the team had a good run in the first round of the playoffs and even in the first game of the series versus Milwaukee, Boston surprisingly fell apart, describing perfectly how irregular and inconsistent this season was for them.

It’s not a secret that Kyrie Irving has received every kind of comment and criticism for the way he played in front of the Bucks, but with all the rumors surrounding the former Cleveland Cavalier, that shouldn’t be a surprise. Kyrie has been expected to leave Boston from a couple of months now and that defeat only sped up his exit from the Celtics.

ESPN analyst Zach Lowe has his own take on this matter and he believes Kyrie will leave Boston if they lost the series against the Bucks. When asked about what’ve been happened with Kyrie, Lowe said:

“I am not gonna sit here and pretend I have any idea of what that dude is thinking at any minute of the day or what he’s gonna say today or what he’s gonna say tomorrow. I will say if we’ve come a long way from ‘if you’ll have me back, I’ll re-sign’ to if they lose 4-1 tonight and they get rolled I know how you guys feel but this feels like if they get rolled tonight, you have to say it’s less than 50-50. It’s not a good way to end the season.”

“I think there are some conflicting emotions within the team about whether this has worked out enough to bring everybody back. This team is not gonna look like that next year.”

Now that the season is over for the Celtics and after seeing how bad they played and how uncomfortable they felt after stealing the first game of the series at Fiserv Forum, Irving might be making his way out of the team in the next couple of days. Seeing his imminent departure from the team, perhaps his teammates will change their mind of staying or leaving the team. Big or little, the Boston Celtics will be making some changes to face the next NBA season either with Kyrie or without him.