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Zach Lowe On Kyle Kuzma: "He Is Being Covered In The Media Like He's An All-Star. If Kyle Kuzma Is A Star, What's Khris Middleton? A Hall of Famer? Is Devin Booker The Greatest? That's What Drives Fans Of Other Teams Crazy"

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

There has always been a level of animosity towards the Los Angeles Lakers. Because they reside in such a big market, with such a glamorous history, they get an undeniable amount of extra attention from the media.

The Lakers are the poster child of the league, the media's "Golden Boy" of sorts -- and it drives everyone else crazy.

In a revelation on his podcast, ESPN's Zach Lowe used Kyle Kuzma as an example of this point.

"He is being covered in the media like he's an all star. There was an article saying what's up with the Lakers Star. Star? If Kyle Kuzma is a star, what's Khris Middleton? A Hall of Famer? Is Devin Booker the Greatest? That's what drives fans of other teams crazy"

It is true that Kyle Kuzma receives an unusual amount of attention considering his status and role in the league. Despite averaging just 12 points this season, and having never been close to being an All-Star, Kuz is in the headlines multiple times a week nowadays.

Meanwhile, guys like Khris Middleton are rarely ever mentioned.

One could argue that it's just the nature of big markets vs small ones. More people care about the Lakers, so why should the media not cover them more?

Indeed, the issue isn't a black-and-white one. But clearly, Lowe and others around the association are tired of the exaggerated narratives when it comes to the Lakers and their players/antics.