Zach Lowe On The Bucks-Nets Series: "An Absolute Catastrophe For The Bucks On Just About Every Level, And One Of The Greatest Individual Games Ever From Kevin Durant."

Kevin Durant After Loss To Bucks- “Every Day You Wake Up, It Should Be About Your Craft."

The Milwaukee Bucks have a lot of soul-searching to do right now. They let another double-digit lead slip right through their fingers and are now on the verge of elimination.

The Bucks didn't take advantage of a clearly limited James Harden. Hey didn't attack him, they couldn't win even though he only made one shot from the field.

And, even though Kevin Durant had one of the greatest playoff performances of all time, you can't still help to blame the Bucks for the way they dropped the ball on this one, at least, according to ESPN's writer Zach Lowe:

"An absolute catastrophe for the Bucks on just about every level, and one of the greatest individual games ever from Kevin Durant," Lowe tweeted.

You can't take anything away from Kevin Durant, especially after what he did last night. He had the first-ever 45+ point, 15+ rebound triple-double in NBA history, played all 48 minutes and put the team on his back when some people dared question his legacy.

Then again, as great as Kevin Durant was, the Bucks were just terrible. They didn't put Giannis Antetokounmpo - a former Defensive Player of the Year - on Durant, they continued to allow him to pull up from 3 even though he's not knocking down that shot, and they fail to adjust when the Nets were making a comeback.

Things aren't looking great for the Milwaukee Bucks right now. They must execute down the stretch if they don't want their season to come to an end, especially against a physically limited James Harden and a team with no Kyrie Irving.

They still have a shot to pull this off but they need to bring their A-Game at home to try and force Game 7. This time, there's just no room for error.